Audiobit Music Player is available now!

We are excited to announce that Audiobit Music Player for Windows Phone 8.1 has passed the required certification and is now available in Windows Phone Store!

Audiobit is a folder player that you can use to browse your phone and/or the SD card inserted into the phone and play the music files they contain directly from the app.

How to get Audiobit? From your Windows 8.1 phone, open Windows Store and search for Audiobit, then press the Install button after it’s been displayed.

Happy listening!

2 thoughts on “Audiobit Music Player is available now!”

  1. FLAC files won’t play , I have a Nokia 640 (a very popular well built older phone) any suggestion’s? I’m playing them from within a folder on a SD card, but other player’s like MollyPlayer play them fine so it’s not the files themselves:

  2. Jonathan: please make sure your phone can play the FLAC files with its built-in music app. If that app can’t play the files, it means your phone does not have the necessary decoder. AudioBit would not be able to play them either. In such a case, you need to convert the FLAC files to another format supported by your phone. When you use your PC to transfer the files from the PC to the phone, Windows should perform the conversion automatically for you. Good luck!

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