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59 thoughts on “Feedback for Audiobit v.1”

  1. it would be nice if you add the ability to create playlists from different folders. and if the playlist is usable by other player it would be fantastic. thanks.

  2. Freakin awesome, been waiting 2yr for a no nonsense folder player and this app does just that. 10stars, Thanks

  3. Thank you all for the ideas and kind words! We do have an update in the works that should bring shuffle and other goodies to Audiobit. Stay tuned!

  4. First of all, awesome work! Just what an audio player should be like. One wish though: A setting to make a certain folder be startup folder so I don’t have to tap “sd card -> music” everytime I open the app.

  5. Awesome app. Thanks for it
    But since I installed windows phone 10 not working at all. It was working perfectly with windows phone 8.1. So I hope you create a new version support windows phone 10.

  6. Ibrahim: at this time, Windows phone 10 is still in the pre-release phase, and it will have many improvements before it becomes final. We’ve been working on an update to AudioBit, stay tuned!

  7. Please add an option to search music file by file name so that we could type some words and it will show us all music files containing any of those words in file name. It is necessary because you can’t reach the files starting with Z by scrolling down all the way 800+ files. Or you can simply add the windows phone style of categorizing the files by first alphabet.
    I really appreciate the idea of using file name instead of mp3 tags. Audiobit is nice app.

  8. I have more than 800 mp3 files in music folder on my sd card. But Audiobit shows first 250 files only. :( Why is that???

  9. Audiobit shows only 250 files in playlist when any song is played. Kindly fix it so that it displays all songs in playlist.

  10. Aditya: the 250 files limit is due to performance reasons: if it were more than that, it would slow down the interface significantly. To play the next 250 files, use the Browse screen to scroll to the file #251 and tap it. That file as well as the next 250 files will be played. We will consider making this limit a user-selectable option in the next version. Thank you for your input!

  11. it would be incredible if it could play AAC files (if possible since it’s Apple format) other than that, amazing piece of app you’ve built here. honestly didn’t expect to have this kind of quality app in windows phone

  12. Really great app. Congrats big time! I would be a little better to be able to see some distinctive marks or lines or 2 different colours when the list of songs is displayed. By the way, I do love the fact that u guys found a way to display the whole title of songs-brilliant! Also a search for song button would be very useful. And after one plays the searched song, it would be nice that the next track that plays is the track that comes naturally after the searched one. And last thing, it would be nice to be able to touch the play bar and move anywhere in the song. And then u might just have the nr 1 player for windows phone. Again, great great job so far anyway

  13. Add repeat functions (Repeat one, repeat folder) and add the windows name filter just like the all app list from the start menu has. They would be sorted alphabetically and touching the letter tile would pull up a grid to filter the folder by the letter you wanted.

  14. This is otherwise a fantastic app.
    Most others would be unresponsive, crash on me, or completely devoid of folder view and entirely databased or playlist based. A simple folder view player with no hiccups is all I wanted, and this delivered.

  15. Thank you for awesome app. For me the one and only usable music player for Windows Phone. Simple, fast, working. As everybody says, only two things are missing for my 100% happiness.

    1. PLAYLIST or queue mode with simple full text search – really simple one, I love the simplicity of your player

    2. Option to set the default folder

    Me personally don’t really need shuffle

    Thanks again for your job, well done!

  16. Browse should remember most recently browsed folder. It’s a bit annoying to always start from root.
    Shuffle ans repeat functions would be much appreciated!
    Nevertheless, nice app :-)
    Thank you!

  17. @Philipp – you don’t need to use Browse every time: if you tap the folder name in the top-left corner you will go back to that folder. Having said that, we plan to add an option to set a custom destination for the Browse button in one of the future updates.

  18. Simple. Functional. Uncluttered. Why are there not more apps like this.

    Phone: Lumia 1520.
    Issue: When resuming automatically from start or lock screen, the playback stutters for up to thirty seconds, almost as if it resumes repeatedly from a slowly advancing time stamp .. not a problem with most music but quite the killer with audiobooks.

  19. No flac? I downloaded this app coz it said the new update supports flac…it doesn’t! Lumia 925 Denim.

  20. Thanks for this player. The only thing that I can imagine to improve it would be the ogg files support. Please ?

  21. Can you l list the options that work with the app so that album art is displayed? In what format and where must the art be stored?
    I read in tutorial the switch to use in options.

    The concept of the folder player for the local music only is brilliant. Great work!

  22. @Marc: (Very briefly) In order to see the album art, its image file should NOT be ‘hidden’. Unfortunately, when you copy albums from the PC to the phone, the image files are set ‘hidden’ by default. To remove the ‘hidden’ attribute, first use Control Panel to make sure your PC is set up to display the hidden files. Then connect the phone to the PC, navigate to the phone with Explorer, locate the image file that you want to be used as the album art, right-click on it, select Properties, and make sure the ‘Hidden’ check box is clear. Repeat for other albums. Have fun!

  23. We can not drag moving cursor while playing like other players. It again goes back to original position.

    It should automatically. Detect folders of music. Every time we have to browse. Owise this app is very nice. It wyd be better. If thme or color is given.

  24. Add shuffle and add search(search folder name, file name, artist, album – all in one) if possible

  25. I recently bought a Lumia 435 (WP 8.1 Denim), and Audiobit is by far the best music player for it. I really like it a lot. Perfect for my needs. I would adhere to those asking for shuffle and playlist commands.

    Still, I have problems playing Flac files (which comprise about 70% of my digital music collection) :( :'(

    I’ve tried with 44,1KHz, and 48KHz (both at 16 bit) Flac files and with 96KHz at 24 bit files (both downloaded from safe places, and also created by me), and none of them plays. They all present error when trying to play them with Audiobit. :'(

    I wonder if it is because of any characteristic of my phone, or if there are any incompatibility of the player with some flac attributes I have not considered yet.

    Thanks for your kind attention, and please keep maintaining this great player!!

  26. ATTN: FLAC files problems:
    First thing to do is check whether you can play the FLAC files with the built-in music player of your Windows Phone. If not, it means your phone does not support playing FLAC files. If this is the case, Audiobit would not play them either, sorry. To solve this problem, just convert the FLAC files to MP3 or some other format that your phone can play. (When you transfer the files to your phone with Windows Explorer, it will offer you to do the conversion, if necessary.)

  27. Lots of requests here for a shuffle option, and a repeat option – add my voice to the clamoring horde!!! And one more idea: a global “play anything in this folder, and its subfolders, totally random”. The whole playlist thing is overrated: sure, a few special lists are fine, but I usually don’t care what plays next…just pick something and go. Simple. And I don’t want to dump everything on my SD card into one huge folder, either.

  28. Excellent App works really well have a nokia 520 phone only thing i would like to see is a SHUFFLE button as i make mixed album folders aprox 100 songs each and would be good to shuffle them around ,other than that ,it’s the best app i have found so far to play of SD card thanks and keep up the good work

  29. Your music player is probably best i can find, just two things

    1) Option to resume after headphones are plugged in .. to by honest, i am not WP dev, but AudioRoutingManager class can do the trick as suggested on geekchamp if you google “How to detect if an headset is plugged”

    2) Option to play music even from subfolders. But this maybe is tougher one, because it needs to ad another screen with “playlist” – if you have workaround, let me know :)

    Anyway – thanks :)

  30. Great app, many thanks! It would be awesome to add a function to play just single song over and over again and to play songs from the folder in random order; also possibility to rank songs and then play only your favorites from the folder. Cheers

  31. I have organized my music per genre/folder. Inside those folders are folders per band/artist, then the album they belong to. Is there a way you’re player can find music files inside those folders? Also, creating playlist using the folder would be really nice!

  32. Hi great app. I really enjoy it’s simplicity. Have only one problem if I send the app to the background, switch in to another app, when I get back to the app using the back key I get the following error: Object reference not set to an instance of a object. By clicking OK it closes and music keeps playing. So it is more an annoyance then a big issue.


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