Audiobit Premium

What is Audiobit Premium?

Audiobit Premium is a collection of commands and features that extend the capabilities of Audiobit Music Player. Unlike the basic Audiobit app, which is free, the Premium mode requires a subscription payment in order to be enabled.

Can I try the Premium features before purchasing the subscription?

Definitely: when you install Audiobit Music Player for the first time,  the premium mode is enabled for a short time, letting you try all its advanced commands free of charge. When the trial ends, the premium features become disabled and you would need to purchase a Premium subscription to continue using the premium commands.

What does the Premium subscription add to Audiobit?

The Premium subscription improves Audiobit Music Player in many ways:

» The Repeat One, Repeat All, or Random playing modes.  To change the playing mode, tap the Playing Mode button:

Playing mode button

and then choose the desired playing mode from the menu:


The Repeat One Track mode will play the currently selected track, over and over, until you select another track to play repeatedly.

The Repeat All Tracks mode will play all the tracks in the current queue, and when the last track has been played, it will start playing the queue again, from the top.

The Play All Randomly mode will play the tracks in the random order, jumping form one track to another in a random order.

» You can shuffle the playing queue. Tap the triple-dot in the lower-right corner to open the menu, and choose Shuffle the queue:

Playing Now menu - Shuffle

The order of all tracks in the current Now Playing queue would be randomized. If you don’t like the way they’ve been shuffled, choose the same command again, and the tracks will be shuffled more. To restore the alphabetical order of the playing queue, choose Sort the queue from the same menu.

» You can add several different folders to the playing queue at the same time. Without the Premium subscription, Audiobit can play tracks from only one folder at a time. With the Premium subscription, you can add tracks from several folders to the queue, to make it play several albums in a row, without requiring you to intervene every time you want to change an album. To add a folder or a track to the queue, simply press and hold it for about a second, and Audiobit will prompt you to add the tracks from that folder to the queue:

Add tracks


Note that if the folder you’ve pressed contains more than a handful tracks, it may take a few seconds before the prompt to add them appears on the screen.

You can also add to the queue not just the whole folders but individual tracks, as well, in same way.

» You can remove tracks from the queue or even delete them from the storage. If you don’t like the track that’s in the playing queue, press and hold it for about a second, and then choose ‘remove track from the queue’:

Remove or delete track

The remove command will not delete the track from the phone, it will just remove it from the queue. If you change your mind, you can add it to the queue again later.

You also have the option to delete the track from the storage completely, by deleting its file. (You will be prompted to confirm this action, to make sure you did not select it accidentally.) Note that if you delete the file from the storage, you will not see this file in the file listings anymore, and you would not be able to play that track later. If you don’t want to lose this file forever, make sure you have another copy of it on your computer, before deleting it from the phone!

» You can save the queue as a playlist for use in the future. Press the menu button in the lower-right corner of the screen and then select Save the queue as a playlist :

Playing Now menu - Save as aplaylist

then enter the name of the playlist of your choosing:

Save as a playlist - choosing name

Finally, press the Save button, and the current playing queue will be saved as a playlist file into the phone storage or on the SD card. To play the playlist later on, navigate to the Music – Playlists folder, and tap the playlist name.

You can also create a playlist on your PC (using Windows Media Player), and copy the playlist to the phone: Audiobit should be able to play such a playlist, too (assuming your would copy the music files to the phone as well, not just the playlist file.)

» You can lock the playing list to prevent an accidental tapping of the tracks:

Lock list button

See the little image of the lock on the screen? If you find yourself accidentally tapping on the  tracks in the playing list while handling the phone and thus changing the tracks for no reason, you can tap the lock icon and that would lock the list. You could still scroll the list, and use the play, pause, next, and previous buttons at the bottom of the screen, but tapping on a track in the list would no longer cause it to start  playing. To unlock the list, just tap the lock image again.

You can also use the Lock the list and Unlock the list command on the menu that appears after you tap the three dots in the bottom-right corner:

Playing Now menu - Lock-the-list

» You can set up a different Home folder to navigate to when you tap the Home button. Initially, the Home button takes you to the Welcome screen, but if you want it to take you to a different folder that you use frequently (for example, the Music folder on the SD card),  you can set it up by navigating to that folder and choosing Set this folder as Home from the menu:

Menu - Set Home folder


Do I have to purchase the Premium subscription?

No, you don’t have to purchase it: if you don’t need all the additional commands it gives you, you can continue using the player for the basic music playing, as before, no purchase is necessary for that.

How do I purchase the Premium subscription?

As you can see, the Premium mode of Audiobit brings a lot to the table. To purchase the subscription (for the price of about one cup of good coffee per year), just reply Yes when Audiobit offers you to purchase the subscription, or go to the Welcome screen of Audiobit (by tapping the Home button in the upper-right corner) and then tap the Upgrade to Premium button:

Welcome screen